Victims react to sentence of former Ashley police officer


ASHLEY, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — 15 years in prison for a former Luzerne County police officer. The sentence was handed down Friday by a federal judge.

Mark Icker admits that while he was on patrol for the Ashley Police Department, he pulled women over and coerced them into performing sexual acts. It was in exchange for leniency on their charges.

Icker admits to these crimes. He apologized to the victims. Today, two of the victims spoke out about their ordeal and say their lives have been changed forever.

“I want him to realize how damaged I am, everything that he caused me.”

Those are the words of one of the women who was victimized by Icker. Two of the women spoke out outside the federal courthouse in Scranton shortly after Icker was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

“I wasn’t like this as a person before. So I want him to sit there and look at me and realize how hurt I am and how I’ve changed,” she continued.

Both women say they were pleased when Judge Malachy Mannion sentenced Icker to 15 years rather than the 12 year prison term that had been part of the plea agreement between prosecutors and the defense team. Mannion also ordered Icker to register as a sex offender.

“I think it’s wonderful.”

“The judge heard what we had to say and we’re just happy that, you know, he saw through what we’ve been through and saw that this man had, you know, he’s done this to many women and that he was cold toward us and the way we were treated unfairly by him.”

They tell Eyewitness News that this ordeal has brought them together. They had never met before they each encountered Icker during a traffic stop.

“That’s my big sister—that’s my big sister.”

“Yeah, we lean on each other and support each other and I’m glad that, you know, out of something so terrible that’s happened to us that—”

“Brought something nice.”


“Brought someone who can understand. I can’t just talk to anybody how I feel or what I went through and it’s nice to have someone I can lean on.”

All together, five women came forward. All told similar stories about how Icker told each one of them, “What can you do to help me help you?”

That led to the sexual abuse of the women.

Icker must report to federal prison on August 7th. For now, he remains on home confinement.

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