SUNBURY, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Sunbury Police Chief Brad Hare has temporarily stepped away from his job and Travis Bremigen has been named acting chief, during Hare’s absence.

28/22 News spoke with Bremigen who confirmed Hare did step away but could not disclose as to why the chief stepped away from the job or how long he will be gone.

On a recommendation from the county solicitor, Mayor Josh Brosious released a statement:

At this time this all I can say on the situation from the recommendation of our solicitor. The Chief of Police Brad Hare is unavailable, and I am placing Sgt. Travis Bremigen as acting Chief Of Police. I will release more information later as advised from our solicitor. I will inform citizens of the situation when I can because I will not hide or cover up anything.”

Sunbury Mayor Josh Brosious

Neither Mayor Brosious nor acting chief Bremigen could comment on why Hare has temporarily stepped away, why the decision to place Bremigen in charge was made, or how long Hare would be unavailable.

Chief Hare stepped away from the position once before in 2015 but came back to the position in 2018 after then Chief Tim Miller took a medical leave of absence but never returned.

This is an ongoing investigation and 28/22 News will update you with the latest information when it becomes available.