Students Take the Simulator for a Safety Spin


BARTONSVILLE, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) More than a hundred students in the Poconos took part in an out-of-the ordinary experience on Wednesday. Eyewitness News Reporter Brianna Strunk shows us.

Like many fourteen year olds  Anthony Rendon spends his free time playing video games.

  “Action games, racing games. Stuff like that.” He told Eyewitness News

 Anthony  put  his skills to the test during school hours on Wednesday. Only this time it isn’t for fun. Anthony’s trying out a distracted/dui driving simulator.

  “Try not to mess up on the road, because it can cost you big consequences.”  He noted.

High school students took the simulator for a spin at “Monroe Career and Technical institute” in Bartonsville.

“It’s a video orientated driving session. And it responds to your actions versus the computer.” explained Tracy Fox North, of the Central Highway Safety Network.

The simulator has a steering wheel, pedals and turn signals like a vehicle. It shows your speed and throws real life obstacles your way, like a ringing phone, a pedestrian crossing the road, or a dog darting out in traffic.

  “It gives them hand on experience so to speak. But it’s in a controlled environment. “ noted Fox-North

If you’re involved in a crash, the screen will tally up how much it will cost you. And if the crash is serious — a helicopter touches down.

The simulator also shows students what it is like to go through the court system.

  “They could see what it’s like to get behind the wheel and actually see what possibly a real life situation’s is going look like.”  Added Bill McQuilken, Trauma Prevention Coordinator at Lehigh Valley Health Network

 The program is a partnership between Lehigh Valley Health Network and the North Central Highway Safety Network.

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