WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) It’s a tradition and thrill for the young to take their cardboard boxes and slide down a hill in the outfield of Lamade Stadium.

But, sometimes, those who try, fall. That’s why Penn College Senior Parademic and Emergency Medical Services students are stocked and ready to treat those who take the risk.

“Its a great opportunity, it helps us get experience with children which can sometimes be a challenge to work with out in the field,” Penn College paramedic student Molly Durland said.

Students work with qualified paramedics and are practicing emergency medicine. Each year, Penn College prepares their seniors in the Paramedic Program for the Little League World Series as well as seniors in thier Physician’s Assistant Program.

“We were juniors all last year, so we basically did all of our schooling and all of our book work and this is our first time we’re basically out in the clinical practice,” Penn College paramedic student Macie Lucas said.

PA students work in an infirmary inside the Grove, the place where teams live during the tournament. It’s a secure area only for coaches and players.

In serious circumstances, spectators can enter and be treated by those learning.

“They come see us, we check them out, we give them a good look and we basically treat them, send them off on their way or keep them there if they need to be there any longer,” Lucas said.

While young athletes dream for the World Series Title, Penn College seniors work behind the scenes making their dreams of a career come true as well.

“Its been the highlight of my field experience so far in the paramedic program. It’s been a great opportunity to work with the international community and serving my local community as well, Durland said.