STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Stroudsburg community is rallying behind one of its high school security officers after he received a life-changing diagnosis.

Fernando Felix sits, listens, and smiles as his daughter reads words of encouragement posted for him on social media.

Felix has been a security officer at Stroudsburg High School since 2011 and just last year he underwent surgery to remove a cancerous cyst.

Recently, he received life-changing news.

“It turns out that the cancer did come back and this time it wasn’t protected by a cyst so it’s running rampant,” said Fernando Felix, former Stroudsburg H.S. Security Officer.

He was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer that doesn’t have a cure. So he says he’s focusing on holistic treatments like vitamins and herbs.

Impacting the lives of thousands of students with his kind words and bright smile, a former student set up a gofundme page for Felix, who they call their local hero, with a goal of $10,000.

“I didn’t even think we’d reach that I thought maybe a thousand, but surprisingly a lot of the students like, loved him and wanted to donate and it’s almost $17,000 now,” said Jessica Felix, Fernando’s daughter.

“One of the security guards told me I treat the kids too nice and I told them that I treat the kids, as well as, I expect you to treat my daughter when she’s walking these halls,” Fernando Felix explained.

Felix tells Eyewitness News the support he’s receiving is overwhelming and gives him a renewed strength and desire to live.

“It’s definitely touching. You know, you never realize the impact you have on people just on a daily basis,” said Fernando Felix.

Felix is taking each day, one at a time. But always with a smile. Anyone who wishes to help or donate can do so on felix’s gofundme page.