EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— A free get-out-of-class pass with the special purpose of helping others was the order of the day in one area school district.
Students at East Stroudsburg Area School District got to ditch the classroom for charity.

That’s how students described their time at the Rain Rally Wednesday afternoon at East Stroudsburg High School South.

More than 500 students from elementary to high school from the East Stroudsburg Area School District gathered to raise money for the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania.

The students were more than happy to help.

“It feels good, being a part of the community and us doing a community thing together,” said Jordyn Clark a senior at East Stroudsburg North High School.

“We’re giving back to the Special Olympics it makes me feel good to get back to the community,” says Beryona Velez a senior at East Stroudsburg North High School

Here is how the donations roll in, students set up a sponsorship page and send the link out to family and friends who can then donate by using a debit or credit card, similar to an online purchase.

From there the money goes straight to the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania.

“Last year we raised $10,000 and I think we beat the mark this year so we’re over $10,000 again this year so which is great,” added Aimee Ellison, a Physical Education teacher.

The students enjoyed a number of activities during the day by the way, they call it a Rain Rally because fire trucks are on hand to gently sprinkle water on the participants to cool down during the day of fun and fundraising.

Students learn a valuable life lesson from this event as well as the importance of helping and giving back to the community.

“I think it is such a great foundation at the stage where everyone’s it’s always about me, me, me, me, me. This is about we and us,” said James Ellison, a volunteer.

One volunteer says the best part of this all is the…

“Inclusion that’s that’s the key and that’s the focus so you have your identified students to regular ed students all coming together for a common goal so this is a huge fundraiser for our Special Olympics,” explained James.

The students also enjoyed the break from the classroom with some food and ice cream to cool down.

The money raised this afternoon will be going towards Special Olympic coach salaries, uniforms, and much more.