WEATHERLY, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — In the midst of The Great Resignation one local school district aims to teach kids about the careers of the world in a unique way.

“I’m here today to learn about different careers and see what I want to do for my future,” said eighth-grader Brandon Davis.

Weatherly Area School District students spent their morning learning about different careers at an event called Working on Wheels.

“Career readiness, whether it be college-bound or for trades or something like that, there’s many opportunities out there in our small town, it’s nice to get things to help us get the word out to students and provide the opportunities for them,” said Weatherly Area School District Vice-Principal, Chris Kimmel.

Teachers and administrators prioritize career education early on ensuring the future of Weatherly is bright.

“A lot of times the push is right at 12th grade, what do you want to do with your life and at that point children could not be thinking about that. So preparing them so early on, they come to a more solid conclusion or have a more solid idea of what they like to do,” said Tiffany Huff who is a Counselor at Weatherly Area Elementary and Middle School.

Maybe they’ll be next up at tricky triangle.

“We’re just thrilled to be out here at the school to show some kids some job opportunities, show them what we do at the raceway and share at this community event to show kids the great opportunity to show kids what is possible,” said Sr. Director of Marketing and Analytics for Pocono Raceway, Ricky Durst.

“I learned that the raceway, they do everything different every day. It could be in an office or do other things,” said middle school student Corbin Wagner.

During this period of The Great Resignation, the police force is finding it difficult to recruit new officers.

“It’s important to get to them young. Right now, there’s that big push that nobody wants to be a cop but right now it’s a crisis for us hiring people so we got out here early start educating the kids young like anything. Hoping to gain some interest at the school coming into the police force,” said Sgt. Michael Bogart with the Weatherly Police Department.

Even Eyewitness News showed off what we do for a living, offering kids an idea of what it’s like to be on TV.