STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) –  A popular skate park in the Poconos is seeing activity again after vandalism caused it to close about ten months ago. 

The Stroudsburg Skate Park gates are, once again, back open.  

“I think if everyone does their part, this is a good thing over here,” says Brian Ace, Stroudsburg Public Works Director.

In May, borough council voted to re-open the facility once equipment repairs were made. But first, the public works department had to focus on sewer and paving projects throughout the borough. 

“I mean, there was a lot going on,” Ace recalls.

Crews had to re-attach transfer plates and replace certain sections of the ramps. In order to do that, they had to pull the entire structure apart.

Public Works Director Brian Ace compares it to putting puzzle pieces together. He adds, “it was a pretty long process. It took some time to get it done, and get it done right.”

The skate park was shut down last December because of garbage, graffiti, and other vandalism issues.

The Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission manages the facility.

“It’s a very good thing because we do have a lot of positive behavior that does occur from the skate park community,” says Sherry Acevedo, Executive Director, Stroud Region Open Space and Recreation Commission.

Executive Director Sherry Acevedo says it’s important for skate boarders to respect the property and keep it clean, so the gates stay open for good. 

She explains, “the skate park community, if they’re out there and see that kind of behavior, they will not tolerate it and neither will we.”

The skate park is open from dawn to dusk. Before voting to re-open the facility, borough council did consider turning it into a picnic area.