EAST STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — May fourth has become a popular day for Star Wars fans but students in the Poconos are using the force to raise money for Ukraine.

“We love to see students get involved in a cause that’s bigger than just necessarily class,” said Dannielle Comunale, a teacher at East Stroudsburg High School South.

Students and staff at East Stroudsburg High School South are using the force on May fourth to raise money for Ukraine.

“Ukraine is a big thing that pops up and we as students are very interested because we see kids that are affected by it on a daily basis and we want to help out in any way that we can,” explained Leeangie Marte, junior at East Stroudsburg South.

Marte is a student in the multicultural perspectives course a class that teamed up with the school’s red cross club to hold a ‘no change without change’ drive.

While dressing up in Star Wars gear students were encouraged to donate loose change Wednesday in exchange for a lollipop, for those impacted in Ukraine.

“We know so much about older history, but really our students are living through history and it’s important as educators that we recognize that and we take time to unpack it with our students,” stated Michael Healey, a teacher at East Stroudsburg South.

Healey, along with red cross club advisor Dannielle Comunale, who’s of Ukrainian descent, helped students organize the drive.

“Since Red Cross was already working on relief with Ukrainian refugees and those displaced from the war, he thought it was a great opportunity and I agreed,” explained Comunale.

Students involved sat they hope to spark fundraising action in the U.S.

“Maybe if like a few more schools around the country, you know, if they try to make small changes like we are, then we can all come together and make a big change,” stated Haden Williams, junior at East Stroudsburg South.

The second day of the loose change fundraiser is set for Thursday when everyone is urged to wear blue and yellow.

When the coin drive ends tomorrow school officials tell us they will work with the red cross Pocono chapter to donate the money to Ukraine.