STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Kids woke up to snow on the ground Friday morning and got the itch to play in the fresh air. But virtual learning has led to students keeping their sleds inside on this snow day.

We’ve gone to four popular sledding hills throughout the Poconos and didn’t find one person out with a sled until about 3:00 p.m.

The question is now, are snow days a thing of the past?

“It’s nice, don’t have to go to school today, get to play at the park in the snow,” said Birdie Hill, East Stroudsburg

Birdie and her brother River were the only ones sledding at Dansbury Park on Friday.

The two go to East Stroudsburg Elementary, but today the district decided to close for a snow day due to weather.

“It’s like good for kindergarteners at my school. They need these breaks too,” said Birdie Hall.

Heading a town over to the Stroudsburg Area School District, the schools were without students, but classes were still in session.

“Both boys today, the first thing they wanted to do was go out and play in the snow and they couldn’t until school was over,” said Michael Bennett, Stroudsburg.

Bennett’s children Kaden and Luca go to Stroudsburg, one of the schools that chose to do virtual learning Friday.

“It’s a shame because the kids could really enjoy doing things outside and it is good to get out and get some fresh air,” Bennett said.

Bennett says he understands the accessibility virtual learning gives to students but hopes the district doesn’t do away with snow days.

“They deserve it. They work hard,” said Bennett.

Bennett also told us he’s a plow driver and was clearing roads when he found out his kids were learning virtually Friday.

Luckily, they still got plenty of sledding time after school but everyone will be looking out next time we get snow.