STROUDSBURG, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — An update to a story we brought you back in January involving a Stroudsburg auto body shop overwhelmed by supply chain issues.

Back in January Tim’s Auto Body Shop was packed with undrivable vehicles due to a lack of parts and staff. Fast forward nearly four months the front parking lot was nearly empty.

“It’s gotten a little less stressed, but we’re still so very busy,” said Andrew Richards, auto shop manager a Tim’s Auto Body Shop.

Richards tells Eyewitness News the shop is now fully-staffed and only one month booked out, compared to being twice as booked back when we last spoke.

Despite the extra hands at the shop, he says they still are struggling with the same problem.

“I still have some cars that I put back in service because we were you know waiting for some parts that were three months, four months,” explained Richards.

Richards says this vehicle has been at the lot since January and is finally getting repaired Tuesday after the part it needed took three months to ship.

“There’s still parts problem, you know with getting parts, and it’s across the board,” said Richards.

He says may is usually a quiet month for repairs but the last three years have proven otherwise.

“We’ve stayed busy year-round. Summer is still, you know, we have tourists. The deer still run year-round, even through summer we’ll still see deer hit,” stated Richards.

AAA releasing predictions for the upcoming memorial day weekend confirming the influx of travelers stating that:

This year’s forecast marks the second-highest single-year increase in travelers since 2010, bringing volumes almost in line with pre-pandemic levels. Despite historic gas prices, 34.9 million people plan to travel by car.”

American Automoblie Association (AAA)

AAA also states that if you plan to travel on memorial day weekend book plans now and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.