STROUD TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Two parks in the Poconos are adding new restrictions after township officials say overcrowding and excessive waste are violating its rules.

There’s picture proof here of someone breaking those rules. Eyewitness news saw pictures of people walking into Yetter Park with a cooler in front of a no-picnicking sign.

Stroud township officials tell Eyewitness News they are not going to allow this to keep happening.

Pictures of park violations, laid out by Daryl Eppley, Stroud Township’s manager. “You have people in the stream where picnicking is not permitted, sitting in chairs, stacked coolers, and hookahs, in our stream,” says Eppley.

Those pictures prove the park violations of overcrowding and excessive waste that led to weekend closings.

Yetter Park will now be closed on the weekend at noon, but will keep the trails open. Meanwhile, Hickory Valley park will be closed on weekends and holidays.

“Have we become the low-cost water park in Eastern Pennsylvania?” asks Eppley.

Eppley says part of the problem is dealing with shortages of park staff, so without monitoring non-residents visiting, people are coming with no regard for the environment.

“In certain areas, there does seem to be a bit of litter, especially along the creek and the trash cans get overfilled and overflowing, it did get pretty bad there for a little,” says Neil Snuffer of Stroudsburg.

Snuffer tells eyewitness news he comes to Yetter Park several times a week, and says he understands that the township is working to handle the overcrowding.

“Mostly on the weekends and over the Fourth of July holiday, it was packed in here,” explains Snuffer.

Before the closure, non-residents visiting Yetter Park needed to pay 10 dollars to park on weekends and holidays.

Resident Diane Wenger says the park belongs to everybody and they shouldn’t have to pay.

“I feel that maybe they should, instead of having somebody pay 10 dollars and pay an employee to charge the people 10 dollars that are coming to the park, they should hand them a trash bag,” says Wenger.

Eppley tells Eyewitness News they will monitor the weekend closures throughout the rest of summer. He says they plan to up the cost of parking for next summer and will also look into adding security.