‘Stop The Hate’ march and rally in Lewisburg


Lewisburg, Union County (WBRE/WYOU-TV) With the events in Las Vegas as a backdrop a rally in our area aims to ‘Stop The Hate.’

It’s a national effort calling for people to band together and grow their communities. 

Hundreds came out this evening to Lewisburg to join in solidarity. Arm in arm nearly a thousand people band together walking towards a unity gathering at Hufnagle Park. 

“It’s really inspiring to see how many people an dhow many different reason why people come and it’s nice to have the feeling of solidarity,” said Clare Sammells of Lewisburg. 

This march has taken place on the first Tuesday of October every year since 1997. Their mission is simple, stop the hate and recent headlines are weighing on the minds of those who rallied. 

“We’re learning about the unfolding story fo the mass shooting in Las Vegas,” said Cynthia Peltier, the Director of Community Zone. 

Peltier says the shooting at the country music festival is pushing their vision of togetherness backwards. Now, they’re trying to move forward by uniting together. 

“Take control of this only we can do this. It’s nobody that’s going to come from outside and do this for us. It’s our work to do,” said Peltier. 

The group had a wide range of ages. Everyone from Bucknell Students to retirees. They’re calling for everyone to speak up for the victims of hatred and intimidation as the country faces challenges against diversity like race, religion, gender, ethnicity and more. 

“it’s so important that we all come together. I wouldn’t say it’s diversity that’s dividing us. It’s hateful ideology like Fascism,” said Taylor Lightman. 

Dozens of white paper bags with lit candles symbolize bringing light to all dark hate in the world. “We clearly need to offer more support to people who might turn to violence. We need to have more community,” said Sammells. 

When I talked to people at the rally they told me in this country we need more upstanders not bystanders. They believe parents and the religious communities play a vital role in that. 

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