WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Police in Lycoming County say they recovered dozens of stolen holiday decorations and the department is in the process of returning many of them to their rightful owners.

It’s the holiday season but instead of giving, several holiday decorations were stolen from homes in Lycoming County. One home has a sign that reads ‘No more displays thanks to thieves.’

According to Old Lycoming Township Police, Christopher Fraunfelter and Lane Sarcinella were found with a carload of stolen items.

“Those two arrived with a stolen nativity set in their vehicle and after some questioning we determined that the majority of items they sold were stolen,” stated Sgt. Christopher Kriner, Old Lycoming Township Police Department.

The Old Lycoming Township police recovered over 60 holiday blow mold decorations. Within days they were gradually returned to their rightful owners.

“I counted about 15 families that came in that we were able to get their decorations back. And it was really nice to see how excited they were,” said Sgt. Kriner.

All but three decorations have made it back home.

“Two ‘Frosty’ the snowmen, and a pumpkin decoration. So, if you think they’re yours you can reach out to us and we’ll go from there,” added Sgt. Kriner.

Anyone with information about additional stolen decorations is asked to contact Old Lycoming Township police at 570-323-4987.