(WBRE/WYOU) If you have been in a grocery store the last couple of days – you know how long those checkout lines can get. Many of the carts contain milk, bread, and eggs..

So– just why do we stock up when we hear about an impending snow storm? Eyewitness News Reporter Valerie Tysanner with some insight.

  The checkout lines have been moving slowly – and many of the people that we spoke with say they are stocking up — just in case… So we asked shoppers — how they decide what to buy – after learning that a big storm is on the way.

Just hours before the snowstorm…it’s all Weis employees can do – to keep bread, milk, and eggs – on the shelves… .some customers don’t believe the storm hype.

Ken Rutledge of Shavertown was just there on a normal run-and wasn’t bothered by the storm.

  But many others disagree — and aren’t taking any chances. So customers have been stopping by in droves – so Weis called in extra staff… All hands on deck… To restock.

Brad Reed, Weis assistant manager in Dallas said “We’ve been receiving extra product since Friday having advance notice of the storm, so we’re prepared in the milk, the bread, the eggs.”

Nor’easters – like the one headed our way – are often called a “French Toast Storm.” But – why… Do people load up their carts — with those three things?

Melanie Abda noted “Easy to make especially when you’re home and you’re going to be in a snow storm. So its just easy to pour some cereal in a bowl milk and you’re done.”

Cathy Golightley was there for emergency supplies “I just wanted to make sure we had everything I got a flashlight my mom yelled at me so I got that. And some food…”

Psychologists say – we go straight for those perishable foods… Because a well stocked pantry provides peace of mind…plus – its tradition.

Dr. Matthew Berger told Eyewitness News “Your father or grandfather may have said you need to stock up before the big storm but that was in an era……where there was a much greater chance of being cut off.”

And with some comfort food at home, experts say – we feel ready to tackle anything mother nature throws at us.