STEM program teaches kids about oil


KINGSTON, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – you wouldn’t expect kids to be excited about oil and natural gas… But when it’s presented in terms of geology, biology, and seismology,

Students become much more interested and hands-on!

A unique education outside of the classroom…

 Aidan morgans\ student

“it’s really hands-on when you actually get to physically touch something rather than just sitting there reading in a book, and learning in a packet”

Students at Wyoming valley west middle school were able to get a new take on a stem with  the mobile oilfield learning unit,

Hosted by Cabot oil & natural gas

Bill desrosiers\ Cabot oil & gas

“the molu is a traveling exhibit that’s brought into schools, gymnasiums, cafeterias… Wherever there’s enough space “

The unit is centered around oil and natural gas but teaches and tests kids on a variety of scientific fields.

Bill desrosiers\ Cabot oil & gas

“learning everything from porosity and permeability, geology, all the way through the value chain of development.”

Lillith eroh\ student

“I liked everything about the oils, ’cause I learned a lot from that… And like what materials used the oil”

And what they learn is sticking with them…

Bill desrosiers\ Cabot oil & gas***no super

“we test the students before they go through the program, and then they do a post-test. We’re seeing 50% improvements between their pre and post-test scores! “

But the idea of the molu goes beyond what they learned at each station.

Bill desrosiers\ Cabot oil &

“we need to put the time and the effort in now, training them and helping them understand the energy industry.”

Bill hopes that in sparking an interest in stem now, that will lead to a career later on…

Bill desrosiers\ Cabot oil & gas

“we’re going to be operating in this area and this environment for decades to come, meaning many of these people here that you see, the young adults behind us, they’ll be working in the field, and their children will probably be working in the field!”

And the kids agree!

Lucy obrzut\ student

“I love science, and I love learning about these things that go along with science because I feel like we need more people with these jobs!”

The exhibit is a great learning tool for kids, it’s also a convenient tool for teachers.

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