LONG POND, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— The hot weather is here to stay and while many of us are trying to stay cool, how do you beat the heat while at a NASCAR race?

Eyewitness News was out at the Pocono Raceway all day on Saturday talking to fans. It was very hot but many people came up with creative ways to stay cool.

Eyewitness News saw tailgates with fans, portable AC’s, and even an inflatable pool.

A clear, sunny sky shines down on the Pocono Raceway for the second day of its NASCAR Cup Series weekend.

A stretch of warm weather staying around the nineties put fans to the test of how they’re keeping cool.

“I feel like I’m melting, but we’re trying our best, okay? Sometimes we just have to dive into the pool,” one fan told Eyewitness News.

An inflatable pool and an air-conditioned pub is one way a group of tailgaters said they’re pushing on.

“The water truck boy yesterday was our best friend. He came, dropped off a bunch of nice water and I’m making use of it and we’re just having a fun time. I had a nice nap in here yesterday, so I’m planning on doing it again,” said Anthony Baker.

“We’re sitting in the shade, drinking some water, maybe a beer here and there, and we got the pool, we got the pub behind me and that’s kinda cool in there so we’re doing our best,” Shelley James explained.

Others lay back in front of traditional fans and keep cool towels on hand.

“This is definitely a scorcher. We’re having a great time, we brought a couple of fans, we are keeping all of our beer and water cool in the coolers with a lot of ice,” Mike Riordan added.

The creative ways of keeping cool are all good fun, but the President of the Lake Harmony Rescue Squad said the chances of people suffering from a heat stroke are much higher with a continuous stretch of hot days in large crowds.

“People can die from heatstroke and it could be very serious. So if you feel yourself dizzy, not sweating, chills, it may be a sign that you’ve had too much heat,” said James Menapace, MD and president of the Lake Harmony Rescue Squad.

The president of the tricky triangle told Eyewitness News they are urging fans to utilize its free cooler policy to