MOUNTOURSVILLE, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— People are gearing up for the long holiday weekend, but it’s important to remember safety, especially when getting behind the wheel.

Sadly the holidays bring more reckless drivers and alcohol-related crashes. The Montoursville State Police will have extra hands on deck this weekend to help keep drivers safe.

It’s the time of year when people are getting ready for the first taste of summer, but as you head out on the road for the holiday, officials want you to be mindful about drinking and driving.

“Last year in Troop F’s area we responded to 49 crashes over the holiday weekend. With 2 being fatal crashes, 10 crashes with injuries and 3 alcohol-related crashes,” stated Trooper Lauren Lesher of the Montoursville State Police.

State police also had 45 DUI arrests.

The Montoursville State Police are increasing their patrol units and setting up DUI checkpoints from May 27th through the 30th.

“Every vehicle that comes through, we talk to the operator, we make sure that their vehicle is safe, make sure the inspection is up to date, the registration is good, and then through talking with them, see if they’re impaired,” says Trooper Lesher.

They’re also enforcing the use of seatbelts and the state’s “Move Over Law.”

“If you see emergency lights activated on the road, you are to move over, slow down your speed, and make sure that they’re safe,” says Trooper Lesher.

Travelers will see a lot more officers patrolling.

The DUI checkpoint locations are kept a secret.

“The locations are kept not public just for security reasons so people don’t avoid the checkpoints,” says Trooper Lesher.

Although memorial day weekend brings warm weather and celebrations, Trooper Lesher says it’s important to be responsible and honor the true meaning behind the holiday.

“We want to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice but we also want to make sure that you guys get home to your families as well,” she says.

State police want residents to call 911 if they notice any suspicious drivers that may be under the influence.