(WHTM) – A new Fox News poll of the Pennsylvania Senate has Democrat John Fetterman leading Mehmet Oz by 11 points, the largest lead recorded early in the general election race.

The survey of 908 Pennsylvania registered voters found Lt. Governor Fetterman with 47% support to Oz’s 36%. Three percent supported independent candidate Everett Stern and 13% were undecided.

Analysis of the poll points toward fewer Republicans feeling loyal to Oz with Fetterman receiving 89% loyalty among Democrats to 73% for Oz among Republicans.

Fetterman, who is recovering from a stroke suffered days before the primary election, had an 88% favorability among Democrats. Among Republicans, Oz had a 67% favorability in the general election.

The perceived unpopularity of Oz also showed with 22% of Republicans unsure if the former TV personality could do the job of a U.S. Senator. Less than 10% of Democrats were concerned that Fetterman could be a Senator.

Twenty-three percent were concerned Fetterman may not be healthy enough to serve in the Senate following his stroke. However, more than 50% were concerned about Oz’s residency question as Fetterman’s campaign peppers Oz on social media about living in New Jersey.

Fetterman’s support, according to the poll, is largely among women with a 27% lead and moderates with a 33% lead. Fetterman also leads Oz among suburban voters with a 23% lead.

Oz, however, leads Fetterman among men by 8%, rural voters by 10%, and his largest base with a 48% lead among white evangelical Christian voters.

The poll found Pennsylvanians’ top concern is inflation, which Oz leads when voters were asked who could better handle the situation. The second most important issue was abortion, followed by election integrity/voting rights.

The poll cross tabs can be reviewed here.

Pennsylvania’s Senate election is on November 8.