(WHTM) – Democrat Josh Shapiro continues to lead Republican Doug Mastriano in the latest Pennsylvania Governor’s race poll

CBS/YouGov poll of 1,194 registered Pennsylvania voters found Shapiro with 55% support compared to Mastriano’s 44% and 1% unsure. The margin for error was +/- 3.8%.

Fifty-five percent of Democrats said they were glad Shapiro was their nominee, however, 60% of Republicans said they wished someone other than Mastriano was their nominee.

Of the four candidates running for Governor and Senate in Pennsylvania, Shapiro had the highest percentage of voters who said they liked how he handles himself personally with 56%. Mastriano had the second lowest among the four with 38%.

When asked about abortion, 88% of Pennsylvania voters said they believe Shapiro would protect access while 84% said Mastriano would restrict it.

Shapiro had a significant lead among female voters at 61% support while Mastriano had a one point lead among men at 50%. Shapiro also had 70% support among voters under 30 and 63% among voters 30-44. Voters 45-64 supported Shapiro by 2% and those 65+ supported Mastriano by 1%.

Twenty percent of Republicans and 52% of Independents said they would support Shapiro.

Seventy-one percent of voters say they will definitely vote and 76% say they have been paying either a great deal or a fair amount of attention to the race.

President Biden’s approval rating in the poll was 42% positive and 58% negative. When it comes to Pennsylvania’s economy, 54% say it’s either fairly or very bad and 38% said it’s very or fairly good.

Eighty percent of voters identified the economy as a very important issue, followed by inflation, abortion, crime, and voting/election issues receiving more than 60%.

Twenty-three percent of those interviewed said they consider themselves part of the MAGA movement and 27% said they were progressive. Fifty-eight percent said Donald Trump should be investigated for the documents found at his Mar-a-Lago residence but 71% said the investigation won’t change how they vote.

Pennsylvania’s general election is on November 8.