OLYPHANT, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — During the month of January, many people try to start the year on a sober, clear and healthy note.

A personal lifestyle choice that has now been dubbed “Dry January.”

Eyewitness News spoke with people in our area about the benefits and ways they can still have fun.

“Dry January is an opportunity every January to find a new relationship with alcohol. For the 31 days of January, you stop drinking alcohol altogether,” said Stefanie Wolownik, Wyoming Valley Alcohol and Drug Services

During this month, you may not think to head to a bar, but there are ways to still have fun.

The Bar and Company in Olyphant strive to be a venue everyone can enjoy.

“Kind of like an all-in-one thing. We have music, entertainment, cocktails, we’re changing things all the time,” said Mike Dennin, Bar and Company.

The Bar and Company have recently begun adding mocktails to its menu. The perfect type of drink for not only Dry January but plenty of other things.

“Kids, designated drivers, we’ve had so many people who are pregnant that still want to have the experience,” said Dennin.

Through you’re 31 days of sobriety, you may find yourself getting better sleep, losing weight, and getting a mood boost.

“You can look at your job to see if you’re happy there or satisfied. Do you drink every day after work? Because of stress? It’s really a time to look at that.”

To find some creative mocktail recipes to make at home for Dry January click here.