MONROE TOWNSHIP, SNYDER COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A staged abduction, in the spirit of a bachelor party, has ended in disorderly conduct charges for one Snyder County resident, officials say.

According to state troopers, on Friday evening just after 7:30 troopers responded to the Walmart on North Susquehanna Trail after they received reports of an abduction.

At the Walmart 31-year-old Christopher Guffey, with the help of others, placed a bag over the victim’s head and pulled him into a van, troopers say. Surrounding bystanders and Walmart employees became concerned and called for help, according to court documents.

State police say they responded to Walmart and conducted an investigation into the incident. During the investigation, they say they found that Guffey had arranged a fake abduction for the victim’s bachelor party.

Guffey is charged with disorderly conduct.