JESSUP, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— A Memorial Day weekend tradition came running into Lackawanna County, literally.

It was a beautiful day for the annual race of the saints in Jessup and participants took full advantage.

Saint Ubaldo Day festivities were in full swing Saturday the main attraction being the race of the saints.

Teams dressed in blue, yellow, and black geared up for some friendly competition that has been a tradition in Jessup for more than a hundred years now.

A crowd of yellow turning the corner followed by a sea of black and blue can only mean one thing the race of the saints in Lackawanna County.

The teams just flew by us, the energy is high and the three teams have been ready to run all day.

Those representing Saint Ubaldo, Saint George, and Saint Anthony take part in a race as old as time in honor of Saint Ubaldo.

“It’s a tradition that’s been going on for almost a thousand years now. it goes back to the twelfth century and when you’re taking part in that, it’s something special,” said Larry Spegar from Jessup.

The procession of the statues began in Gubbio, Italy.

In 1909, it ran its way to Lackawanna County making Jessup the only other place in the world to participate in the run.

“Here we are, over a hundred years later carrying on the same traditions that my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father, myself, and my very soon to be child will be able to do in the very near future so for me that’s the most important aspect of the day,” explain Micheal Cappellini Executive Vice President Saint Ubaldo Society.

The tradition for many is to come and watch those running the two-mile race.

“Now how long have you been coming to ubaldo?’ Probably like three or four years now. You know, you gotta celebrate the Italian heritage,” says Eric Ferko from Scott Township

Saint Ubaldo Day festivities revolve around family, fun, and friendly competition.

“It’s tradition, it’s family, it’s all about the comradery, being together to honor the runners of the past, the day today, and to hopefully carry it on to the future,” adds Joe Cavagnaro part of Capodieci, Saint George.

“Being on the street with all three teams is always a wonderful, wonderful thing. there’s a little bit of competition between us but at the end of the day we’re all brothers. We’re here to carry on this tradition all in honor of Saint Ubaldo,” continued Cappellini.

Whether you are watching the race from Pennsylvania or Italy, the tradition runs deep on both sides of the world.

“They’re very similar in a lot of respects. a lot of it comes from the heart. there’s so much great tradition and pride. when you see the runners and the people, the families, the support here is incredible,” said Spegar.

Those participating in the race of the saints did say that although they look at the event as a competition, Saint Ubaldo always come in first, and afterward, they celebrate the race as one.