SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Across NEPA, food banks and schools worked to carry out the Martin Luther King Jr. Day tradition of service to others.

Volunteers of all ages spent Monday sorting clothing for children in need in Lackawanna County.

It was a successful day of service for St. Joseph’s Baby Pantry. Dozens of donations were dropped off there throughout the day, giving volunteers inside plenty to sort for children in the area.

“It’s a day of donating,” stated Don Jones of Clark’s Summit.

Many families dropped off donations Monday at St. Joseph’s Center Baby Pantry, a fitting act of service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

“It’s so hard to make ends meet with just basics. If you can help do what you can,” said Nellie Murphy of South Abington.

“It’s not even 11:00 this morning and we have a pile probably about three feet high,” described Tamara Hall, the Director of Maternity and Family Services at St. Joseph’s Center.

“It made me happy to see how many people really care about the kids that don’t have as much stuff as other kids do,” said volunteer Nora Gallagher.

Inside the baby pantry, a handful of volunteers are hard at work, including a few students from Dunmore Elementary School.

“We got clothing and matched the pants and shirts,” stated second graders Rachel McKenna and Lucy Gallagher.

Rachel McKenna and Lucy Gallagher helped pick out outfits for a young girl aged 7 to 8 years old.

“It makes me feel really happy for the kids who don’t have much stuff so we can give them stuff and they can feel happy when they get it,” described volunteer Matilda Zayac.

“And they are really getting an education on how people are helped through saint joe’s and our baby and children’s pantry,” added Hall.

St. Joseph’s Center serves its community just as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did.

“If you need a car seat and we have them we’ll help you with that, so I feel like we’re doing what he would have liked people to do,” explained Mary Griffin, the St. Joseph’s Baby Pantry Outreach Coordinator.

The pantry has everything a baby, toddler, or young child needs from clothing and formula to diapers and wipes. If you or a family you know could use a helping hand, the baby and children’s pantry is just a phone call away.

“All these donations aren’t any good if we can’t get them out to the public, so it’s really important to know that we’re here we want to help,” said Hall.

“We are back up to our pre-covid numbers which we’re saving over 300 clients a month, so there’s definitely a need. Definitely a need in bigger sizes, we run out of those very quickly, and we’re getting all sorts of orders for those so we need the clothing to fill all of our orders here at the pantry,” described Griffin.

All of the donations are available for families in need in Lackawanna County and neighboring areas.

For more information, visit St. Joseph’s website.