WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A group of college students decided to spend their spring break doing something a little different. Through a campus program, they worked together to help out at several organizations in Lycoming county.

When we think of spring break we imagine parties and traveling, but a group of students at Lycoming college decided they’d rather give back to people within their community.

This is Lycoming college’s first service spring break adventure.

“It was a mix of service projects throughout the community. So we went to Ashburn Animal Rescue, a farm animal rescue. We went to, Camp Koala, which is a children’s grief camp,” said Sophia Stabley, Director of Community Service and Involvement, Lycoming College.

For a week in March, the group of about 15 students volunteered at non-profit organizations and learned about the surrounding area.

“It was really great to have students get the fun aspect and also have fun and do service,” said Stabley.

They spent the evenings exploring the city or having a game night in—all completely free. Students who participated say it felt good to spend spring break helping others.

I think Lycoming has been pretty good to me. They give me what I needed and I’ve been doing good in my classes so I just feel like it was a way to give back,” said Juan Martinez, freshman, Lycoming College.

“It’s definitely a selfless act just giving your time to others but also giving up time that you could be sleeping or maybe just taking a break. But I just think it’s fun,” said Emma Wolfe, junior, Lycoming College.

Stabley says it was great seeing students who didn’t know each other working as a unit and building relationships in their community.

“Throughout the whole time, I could see that the students were making friendships and kind of coming out of their shells and it was so wonderful to see. I kept telling them like after this we’re going to be a family,” explained Stabley.

Their program was such a success, that the college hopes to make service spring break adventure an annual event.