FRACKVILLE, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A 24-year-old man is charged with allegedly murdering his father and leaving the corpse to rot inside the home. The arrest comes almost two months after the body was found. 

24-year-old Tyler Swantek has been arrested for the death of his father, 49-year-old Todd Swantek. 

Police say they found a high-power air rifle in Tyler’s room at their family residence in Frackville. The gun had blood on it. And an autopsy revealed the pellets in Tyler’s room matched the pellets embedded in Todd’s skull. 

Todd Swantek was found dead inside the home on May 24. Police say his body was rotting on a couch.

“The discovery of Todd Swantek’s body was maybe a month later,” said District Attorney Christine Holman. 

People living near the home on north third street tell me they had no idea what was behind closed doors. 

“I thought he was up in New York hunting, fishing – he was an avid outdoorsman,” said neighbor Bernard McCauley. 

Some of the victim’s relatives and friends got worried when they hadn’t heard from him — since the end of March. Police were called to the residence for a well being check. When they got to the house, the stench was overwhelming. 

Some neighbors say on a hot day like this one, there’s a rotting smell that lingers in the air. Now they’re not exactly sure where that’s coming from, but they’re hoping this house gets cleaned up soon.

“Unfortunately surrounding neighbors may have to deal with it a little longer,” said Holman. 

That’s because the house is still a crime scene — where police continue to gather evidence so justice can be served. 

Tyler Swantek has been charged with criminal homicide, murder in the first degree, abuse of a corpse and other related charges. 

“It’s a real big shock. Tyler was a good kid but he ended up with a drug problem,” said Bernard McCauley, neighbor. 

Before this arrest, Tyler was in Schuylkill County prison on drug charges. Now, he’s facing life in prison or possibly the death penalty.

Tyler Swantek remains in Schuylkill County Prison without bail. His preliminary hearing has been set for August 3 at the Schuylkill County Courthouse.