PLYMOUTH TOWNSHIP, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — It’s haunted house season and many are starting to begin their string of scares. 28/22 News Reporter Emily Allegrucci faced her fears and got the full tour of Horror Hall.

Frights are just around the corner and Horror Hall in West Nanticoke welcomes those looking for a scare to enter at their own risk starting on Friday.

“I like scaring people, I like entertaining people and I just love Halloween. I love doing it,” said Horror Hall Technical Director Zak Knoll.

The haunted attraction has been getting prepped and improved since June, adding four new rooms of fright to the agenda.

“People want to see more and more, and especially more and more technology and things moving and smoke machines and lighting and all that, so it’s important to keep up with that stuff just to keep people interested in what you’re doing,” Knoll continued.

And for the first time, the thrills are making their way outside of the hall as well.

“I have food vendors and craft vendors and we’ll have entertainment out there like fire breathers and stilt walkers and things like that going on,” Knoll explained.

Inside or outside, one thing is for certain, you are never safe from a spooky surprise.

Even though scares are the main attraction, the goal of Horror Hall goes beyond the screams.

“We do donate a portion of the proceeds back to the Pennsylvania wounded warriors,” Knoll said.

After donating to our veterans, Horror Hall gives back to those who support their scares year after year.

“Schools, choir programs, band programs, basically anyone that’s in need. We do the best we can here to make sure we’re giving back to the community,” Knoll added.

Horror Hall will open its doors at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and more information on the attraction and ticket prices is available online.