BLOOMSBURG, COLUMBIA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — There is still fun to be had at the 167 Bloomsburg Fair, with food, games, music, and more.

President of the Bloomsburg Fair, Randy Karschner, explains how there is something for everyone at the fair this year.

PA live! host, Chris Bohinski, took up the reigns of ‘Axel, the Bucking Bull’ in the bull ring and lasted for approximately 14 seconds.

Not far from the fair is an opportunity to find an American Made piece of furniture from Statewide Furniture, located in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania.

Melissa Spooner, Manager with Statewide Furniture, explains the variety of options available for those in the market for a new couch.

Solid hardwood frames, steel suspension decks, and 700 fabrics are available to choose from when making your sofa or loveseat.

However, if there is a seat that is already made and featured at the Bloomsburg Fair, you can order it now and pick it up later on Sunday, October 2.

For those who can’t make it down to the fair, the locally owned and operated business also has a storefront and website to place your order.

Kids can also enjoy fishing with Yalenski “Sharkey” Solano of Baby Sharks Fishy Fish at the fair.

Laser swords, toy hammers, and even Sugar Hamster toys are some of the many prizes a kid can win with Sharkey.

The Dan and Galla Musical Show brings smiles and fun to the little ones at the Bloomsburg Fair.

Galla Crossero of the Dan and Galla Musical Show leads an upbeat musical number for anyone to get their groove on.

Also featured at the fair is CDE Exotics, an animal rescue that deals with animals that are seemingly out of this world.

Cameron, Kai, and Ivy English of CDE Exotics explain how they rescue animals and provide them with a safe place to live and even a new place to call home.

Some of the animals that have been rescued are a Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula from Brazil, a Roswell Laddertail Boa, and even a Coastal Carpet Python named Whiskers.

Along with Whiskers, there are also Bieber and Pearl the snakes, and many more animals to see at the fair.

‘Pickle Nick’ and Lauren Gorney with NEPA’rogi showcases the various pierogis to try.

From the Pierogi Grilled Cheese to the fan-favorite Blueberry Cheesecake Pierogi, and many more to choose from, it’s maybe very difficult for visitors to decide.

For 70 years, Romeo’s Pizza has been serving up slices of pizza for guests at the Bloomsburg Fair.

Cindy Romeo Labella of Romeo’s Pizza says the tradition of making freshly made pizzas at the fairgrounds with family is what makes it special.

For something to satisfy a sweet tooth or simple comfort food, try out Hartman’s Family Cooking.

Joe Hartman and his family have been serving homemade Mac n’ Cheese and more at the fair for three decades.

One recipe that has been served since day one is the homemade Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

Wednesday is free admission for all military personnel.