WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Snow fell across our region a few days ago but we’re still seeing some ice on the roadways.

It’s too dark outside to really see the icy roads but earlier Monday, there were quite a few roads with patches of ice and snow. Residents say this has made traveling difficult these past few days.

Williamsport had some snowfall last Thursday night and the cold weather has kept much of it around. Although there were only a few inches, some roads still have icy patches.

“It should’ve been taken care of. It shouldn’t have been that icy for the little amount of snow we got and it’s unsafe for especially older residents to walk around in the area because it’s a safety hazard,” said Williamsport resident Michael Shorlo.

Shorlo and his wife Jasmine Rodriguez walk to and from the bus station every day. It’s about 20 minutes in each direction and they say walking through the ice has been challenging.

“I slip a lot because I don’t have great shoes but the sidewalks are pretty bad and it’s not even like private areas either. These are public sidewalks that a lot of people are taking,” explained Rodriguez. “There’s a lot of alleyways and side streets that aren’t necessarily taken all the time, those aren’t taken care of either. They’ve covered an entire film of snow and ice and it’s very dangerous to drive on.”

Even portions of heavily traveled roads, including Third and Fourth Streets, still have some ice.

Another resident says he’s seen the streets worse in the past but they’re still not great.

“It’s definitely been a little more dangerous and a lot more slippery. It’s a lot harder obviously but it hasn’t been the worst as it has been last year,” said Williamsport resident Zakari Fontaine.

It’s not going to warm up until later this week so we may still see these patches of snow for the next few days. Eyewitness News reached out to the City’s Public Works Office to ask if they’ve had issues with worker shortages or the supply chain but we have not yet heard back.