HONESDALE, WAYNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A snow and ice emergency has been declared by Honesdale Mayor Derek Williams.

According to a press release, Mayor Williams has declared a snow and ice emergency starting at midnight on January 24 through midnight on January 26, so traffic does not get backed up and to avoid the hazards of snow and ice build-up on emergency routes.

After a snow emergency is declared, parking vehicles overnight is prohibited on any emergency route and wherever there are ‘No Parking During Snow Emergency’ signs posted, to allow the Honesdale Department of Public Works to remove the snow, officials say.

Designated snow emergency routes are:

  • Main Street,
  • North Main Street,
  • Church Street,
  • East Street,
  • West Street,
  • Willow Avenue,
  • Grandview Avenue,
  • Sunrise Avenue,
  • Cliff Street,
  • Terrace Street,
  • High Street,
  • Golf Hill Road,
  • Fair Avenue,
  • Grove Street,
  • Ridge Street,
  • Crestmont Drive,
  • Park Street,
  • West Park Street,
  • State Route 670,
  • Bunnell Pond Road, and
  • Tryon Street

For further information regarding a snow emergency visit the Honesdale Borough Facebook page.