HUGHESTOWN, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A heavily traveled roadway in Luzerne County is showing signs of crumbling and that’s creating frustration for people who live on it and travel on it. And they say it’s about time someone fixes it for good.

Cars swerve around two sinkholes surrounded by traffic cones on Parsonage Street in Hughestown Borough.
Since last December, several homes along this stretch of road have been experiencing problems with their water. Residents say it’s not a coincidence.

“The running joke is because we have to share the water pressure, we have to call the neighbors and say, hey, when are you taking a shower. It’s kind of like you have to time everything,” said Len Tokar, resident.

Tokar says he shares what he believes is a problematic water main, with five of his neighbors, including Geriann Slodysko. Her house shakes as cars and trucks drive over the hole and she’s especially concerned about a nearby gas line.

“We’re just nervous with the holes the way they are, cars hitting them, an accident happening. And the hole, right in front of my house, having the gas main right there, if a truck goes in it, who knows what would happen,” said Geriann Slodysko, resident.

Al Ciannelli shares similar frustrations. He says it’s not only a nuisance but also a safety issue.

“I personally drive a motorcycle, and I hit the one down the street there the other day, and I was airborne. I actually went up in the air, and into the other lane,” said Al Ciannelli, resident.

Pennsylvania American Water tells Eyewitness News that crews took a look at the sinkhole, but at this time, they do not believe that it is caused by a leak in their water main. As many questions remain unanswered, these residents just want a solution.

“Just take care of it already, get it done. Do it once and do it right. Make it right for the people,” Tokar stated.

We reached out to PennDOT for additional information on the public road, but we have not heard back.

Pennsylvania American Water crews plan to revisit Parsonage Street on Wednesday for an additional review.