NORRISTOWN, MONTGOMERY COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – In just ten days, the former Pennsylvania Attorney General is expected to find out if she will go to prison.

Lawyers for Scranton-native Kathleen Kane have just asked a judge to consider house arrest instead of jail as a possible punishment.

Kane’s attorneys say house arrest should be an option because she’s a non-violent offender with no prior record.

On Friday, the Montgomery County District Attorney objected to that idea citing Kane’s “abuse of power.”

It has been almost two months since Kane was convicted on nine criminal counts, including felony perjury.

With her sentencing hearing just days away, lawyers for the Scranton-native are asking the judge to consider a possible sentence of house arrest partly because she is the “primary caregiver for two minor children.”

Doctor Michael Jenkins, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Scranton, says this is not unusual.

“Certainly a good defense attorney is always going to ask for leniency for their client,” Dr. Jenkins said.

The Montgomery County DA who convicted Kane says house arrest would be an “inappropriate disposition” saying it usually is given to people with severe medical conditions.

“My motto is: you do the crime, you do the time,” Grace Zelinski of Moosic said. “There’s millions of people out there. They have families and they’re doing prison time.”

Others take a different view.

“I don’t think she should be locked in prison. She went through enough with all this trial and all the publicity,” Chuck Weber of West Scranton said.

Kane was convicted of leaking secret grand jury documents and lying about it under oath.

Dr. Jenkins says given other corruption cases statewide, there is a lot for the judge to consider.

“It’s very possible that a judge may want to send a broader message about the wrongfulness of the acts that Kane committed,” Dr. Jenkins said.

Based on the charges she was found guilty of, Kathleen Kane faces a maximum of 14-28 years in state prison.

Kane’s sentencing is scheduled for October 24 and Eyewitness News will be there for the judge’s decision.

Kane’s lawyers say if she is given a house arrest sentence, her case could be transferred to Lackawanna County where Kane would be supervised.