SHAMOKIN, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A local police department has just welcomed their first-ever female officer.

“It’s a little nerve-racking but at the same time, I’m super excited for it,” said Officer Alexis Temple.

Patrol officer Alexis Temple is the first female to ever join the Shamokin Police Department and it’s her first day on the new job.

“I’ve gone on a few calls; I did my first lockout successfully! Very busy for such a small area you know I wasn’t expecting too much to go on,” stated Temple.

Officer Temple always knew she wanted to do something in criminal justice and says it’s important for women to be reflected in positions of authority.

“You know I want to influence more females to come on out and try to get hired as a police officer. Even if it’s not in Shamokin, anywhere.

In the academy, Officer Temple finished number one in the written test, oral interviews and physical test. Shamokin’s mayor and soon-to-be new mayor are both proud to have her in the city.

“I just recently got to know her but you can tell by her personality and her actions, she is going to be very good for the citizens here,” stated Richard Ulrich, Mayor-elect of Shamokin.

“She certainly earned the position, there was nothing given to her. She’s worked as hard as any man who would’ve applied here,” stated John Brown, the current Mayor of Shamokin.

During her time in the department, Officer Temple hopes to build a bond with the community.

“You know I might be able to relate to some females a lot better than what our males can. So that’s it, I just want better community relations and for more women to join the field,” said Temple.