Severed Cow Head Hearing in the Poconos


JACKSON TOWNSHIP, MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) – Two people accused of dumping a severed cow’s head at a cow sanctuary in the Poconos were in court Friday. The victim tells us this isn’t the first time he’s come face to face with the pair since it happened in March.

Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary is supposed to be a peaceful place. But in March, the manager found a cow’s fully severed head in his driveway. He says he was alarmed and confused.

“At first it was a shock. Because here we are respecting the cows. I don’t know why they would do it,” says Dr. Sankar Sastri, manager.

Doctor Sankar Sastri practices Hinduism. In his religion, cows are a symbol of life and may never be killed. He saved his cows from abuse or slaughter.

“Here in America many people have dogs or cats as pets. I have cows as pets,” smiles Dr. Sastri.

State police charged nineteen-year-old Kimberly Mckee and 25-year-old Ricky Strausser, both of Tannersville, with ethnic intimidation and other crimes.

Police say they wanted to scare Dr. Sastri into leaving because he blocked off trails on his land. Officers believe the pair stole the dead cow’s head from a nearby property. Dr. Sastri says weeks after the incident, the pair showed up on his property again; this time to apologize.

“I was surprised, and I felt sorry for them. Because the whole purpose for me to start a sanctuary is to promote love and compassion,” he adds.

And when asked if he accepts their apology…

Dr. Sastri replied, “yes… I do.”

Mckee and Strausser waived their right to a preliminary hearing. All charges were forwarded to the Monroe County Courthouse. The sanctuary’s owner says he just moved into the property a month before he found the severed cow’s head.

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