WILKES BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — This week is severe weather awareness week in Pennsylvania. Since preparing for severe weather should always start before a storm, there are several ways to get ready for the next.

Severe weather can hit year-round but spring and summer thunderstorms bring a higher chance for events like tornados, hail, and high winds.

When you need to know about severe storms there are many methods to help keep you safe.

“So number one be looking for that information. Whatever way works for you the best,” stated Mark Pellerito, lead meteorologist at NWS Binghamton.

You should also have multiple ways to be notified of severe weather. Whether it be through tv or the eyewitness weather app.

“Having only one way means a single point of failure. If you are relying on television but your power goes out, you’re out of luck,” explained Pellerito.

But one of the best ways to be alerted is by one of these NOAA weather radios whenever a watch or a warning is issued the message is sent to these first and everything else after.

“You don’t have to be reliant on electricity for that. It has backup battery capabilities. You can decide also what you want to be warned about. You don’t have to be warned about everything. If you want to be warned for Lackawanna County tornado warnings, you can program your radio to just go off for those situations,” explained Pellerito.

It’s never too early to prepare severe weather can strike quickly and throughout the year.

“You may remember five years ago on February 25th we had a pretty strong tornado from just east of Wilkes Barre to just east of Scranton. I mean that was on February 25th that’s eight weeks ago almost,” said Pellerito.

You can find an NOAA weather radio for around $30 and of course, you can stay current on all the latest weather alerts and track the storm using the Eyewitness Interactive Radar.