MONROE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Search warrants unsealed Tuesday revealed more about what police were looking for, and what they found when they searched Bryan Kohberger’s family home in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains in late December.

Police raided the home in the 100 block of Lamsden Drive in the Indian Mountain Lakes development in Chestnuthill Township in the early morning hours of December 30.

Pennsylvania State Police applied for a search warrant which noted Kohberger was observed at the home and traveling throughout Monroe County since as early as December 16, and they believed he was inside and had possession of items related to the November killings of four students at the University of Idaho.

State police say they were looking for any weapons, receipts for weapons, or documentation of purchases regarding these items. Police say they were also looking for any items relating to any of the victims, or the King Road home where their bodies were found.

The search warrant also details that investigators were looking for any drugs or medication that may relate to the mental state of Kohberger or the victims.

According to the paperwork, police were also focusing on a variety of electronic devices that may contain pictures, videos, GPS information or other evidence of communication relating to the victims.

A surviving roommate told Investigators she saw a stranger wearing all black and a mask, walking through the King Road, Idaho home after 4:00 a.m. the day of the murders.

The search warrants confirm that Bryan Kohberger was under police surveillance for several weeks before he was arrested.

Items listed as seized in the search are as follows:

  • One Defiant silver flashlight
  • Four medical-style gloves
  • White Arizona Jean Co. large t-shirt
  • Champion WSU Cougars large black sweatshirt
  • Pair of black and white size 13 Nike shoes
  • Pair of black Under Armour socks
  • Under Armour black large shorts
  • Under Armour black boxers
  • One buccal swab

Detectives were also looking for possible evidence from any vehicle that Kohergher had access to at the Pocono family home. Investigators say another search warrant used in the Poconos will be unsealed Wednesday.

Kohberger is expected to be back in an Idaho courtroom on June 26.