Scranton School District to offer new bussing method for high school students


SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Hundreds of students in Scranton will now have the option to ride the bus to school instead of walking, but it won’t be a regular school bus.

Waiting for the bus stop will hold the same meaning when heading to either of the high schools’ in the Scranton School District but it will look a little bit different with 750 students having the option to wait at a colts bus stop.

This would only be for high school students, those in intermediate and elementary are already bused to school, but it will help many students and families.

“A lot of kids won’t have to worry about walking now. If they have the bus pass that it’s going to help the families out,” says parent Cassandra Proctor.

Cassandra Proctor tells Eyewitness News her family just moved to Hilltop Manor less than six months ago. She lived near west Scranton High School on South Main Avenue.

“He could walk to school. Now, that I am over here. That’s a little far,” said Proctor.

Those who are more than two miles away are qualified for the bus pass, this means her 17-year-old son going into the 11th grade is qualified for a monthly colts pass.

“This is unlimited. So this isn’t only about school. It’s about work, it’s about after-school activities, it’s just about moving about the city,” said Scranton School Board President Katie

Katie Gilmartin and her fellow board directors approved this pilot program at a special meeting Monday night. It will cost the district about $21,000 a month, federal COVID aid and other programs will help pay for it.

“We will monitor attendance and monitor the impact on academic achievement. It’s just a delight to be able to do some positive things finally,” said Gilmartin.

“Even when it snows and we can’t make it in a car or stuff like that you don’t have to walk. I mean it will help out a lot,” said Proctor.

Board president, Katie Gilmartin says the information will be forthcoming and parents or students will be able to pick up the passes at their high school.

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