SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Students and staff headed back to school this morning in the Scranton School District. And the new school year means some big changes for the district.

Students throughout the Electric City are back in class and eager to learn.

It’s going really well. Our students are excited. You can see our students, faculty, and staff are excited dancing, greeting,” explained Mina Ardestani, the Principal at McNichols Plaza.

But this school year comes with some changes in the Scranton School District. In an effort to prioritize safety, like requiring students to use backpacks or lunchboxes that are made of clear plastic or see-through mesh.

“It is what it is. We’re accommodating it. We have no issues,” said Parent, Karissa Worobey.

Karissa Worobey dropped off her son Triton Roxby for his first day of Kindergarten at McNichols Educational Plaza. It was an emotional goodbye.

“I’m so emotional. I’m so excited for him. It’s hard to let him go with the world we live in today, but I trust he’s in good hands and he’s going to have a good year,” Worobey added.

Eyewitness News stopped by West Scranton High School. The students we spoke with say they aren’t a fan of the changes coming to their school district.

“Not going to lie, I don’t really like it. The uniform, we have mad rules now. We can’t wear crocs or none of that,” said Anye Robinson, a 10-grade student.

Another big change drawing up controversy? Cellphones and electronic devices are no longer allowed to be brought onto school grounds.

“I’m never really on my phone anyways,” stated Dye Baldoni, a 10-grade student.

“Most of the time, when we could use our phones, we really didn’t use them while the teacher was talking. We had five minutes left of class, they would let us go on our phones. I don’t know why they took them away,” Ro9binson added.

“I think it’s better they leave them in their lockers that way they’re not fidgety and they can focus more on their studies,” explained Brenda Stenruck, a Scranton parent.

Mixed feelings as students head back to class throughout the Scranton School District.

The district also plans to add 20 armed guards through a contract with ‘Cardinal Point Security Group.’ They will serve in addition to the school resource officers, employed by the Scranton Police Department.