Scranton School District looking at new boundaries


SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) Invaders and Knights are in the same family but a solution to an overcrowding situation nearly caused a family feud.

The building controversy is just the latest issue facing Scranton School District leaders. Now it looks like a shift in boundaries could satisfy most parties. 

The district is looking at two schools, West Scranton Senior and Scranton High School. With overcrowding in one they’re looking at leveling out the playing field with the other. Parents and students rallied to show support for West Scranton. 

With horns honking and signs out parents and students walk outside West Scranton High School. Their message is clear “one high school equals less opportunity.”

“They love their school and they want to be in blue and white until the end to see it through. So, this is for them,” said West Scranton Parent, Mandy Brudnicki. 

The district studied it’s boundaries and came up with an option to move West Scranton’s eleventh and twelfth graders to Scranton High School. In return, West Scranton would become a middle school. That idea never gained traction. 

“The board has not proposed it, the superintendent has not proposed it. We are just taking a proactive approach and that’s the key here,” said Brudnicki. 

There are 1,700 students at Scranton High and about 900 at West Scranton. The proposal on the table would have students at McNichols Educational Plaza and John F. Kennedy Elementary School go to West Scranton instead of Scranton High School. 

Those out walking are favor of this proposal. “It’s just what we are doing out here just getting the message out there. Making sure the board sees it,” Joshua Metzger, West Scranton Junior. 

Board Director Barb Dixon spoke to parents at the rally about an informative meeting coming up on Wednesday. She’s asking parents to come out and learn about the proposal. 

“It’s great to hear concerns on both sides. Not only from the West Scranton parents but also in South Scranton as well,” said Dixon. 

South side parents are not in favor of the proposal and would like to see their children go to Scranton High School. It’s bit of a rivalry. 

The informative meeting is this Wednesday at 6 PM at South Scranton Intermediate.   

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