SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — School closures could be on the horizon as a local district continues on its path to recovery.

The Scranton School District is in the middle of its five-year recovery plan.

The school board voted to close Bancroft Elementary in 2021 and they were presented with many options, including closing two more elementary schools and repurposing another.

To break it down for you, currently, the Scranton School District has ten elementary schools.

As of last week, They are only at 64% capacity.

At the operations committee meeting on Monday, The board was presented with two phases to its recovery plan.

In phase one, close John Adams Elementary and consolidate into Neil Armstrong and divide Charles Sumner into Isaac Tripp and Frances Willard.

In phase two, close Prescott Elementary and consolidate it into Robert Morris.

The schoolboards Vice President says these decisions will be made with safety, security, and finances all in mind.

“We can also provide more educational services and make children exactly where they’re at when we’re in large groups so that school counselors school nurses Clarks all the services that we provide the students can be more effectively provided to the individual student if we consolidate,” said Ro Hume, Vice President of the Scranton School Board.

“I’m always thinking of the next day after this sort of meeting and I’m going to have 900 phone cost tomorrow morning lots and lots of questions and we have our homework cut out for us before next week,” Rosemary Boland, President Scranton Teachers Union stated.

Also in phase two, relocate the Electric City Academy to Sumner and options for what to do with the administration building.

The school board and the public heard the reconfiguration options at the same time on Monday.

Essentially, the school district could go from ten elementary schools to seven if they vote yes to the plan as is, costing just over $2 Billion.

The public can raise any concerns or comment at next Monday’s board meeting at West Scranton intermediate at 6:30 p.m.

The board will take those recommendations and present a final plan in December, which will be voted on next spring.