SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The city of Scranton is moving forward with plans for what it calls a ‘Living Alley.’

Scranton City Council approved an ordinance this week to permanently close off a section of Center Street. It will be open to pedestrians only, giving the go-ahead for Scranton Tomorrow to begin planning the Living Alley.

The goal is to provide music, vendors, food, and other entertainment.

“You give a place for somebody to go to, they’ll go to it. If it’s unique and interesting and it’s fun they’ll be there and I’ll guarantee what you’re going to find is it’s going to be a shortcut, not for cars, but for people. Everybody that comes downtown is going to walk down Center Street to get somewhere else and check it out,” stated Scranton Tomorrow board member, Wayne Evans.

Scranton Tomorrow says the first step for the alley is to set up lighting, tables, and chairs.