SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — On Wednesday, officials announced $5,000 flood recovery grants for residents hit hard by devastating flooding in September.

Those residents still recovering from the damage say the grants are a start, but much more is needed to continue to rebuild.

Scranton officials announced Wednesday new disaster recovery grants for residents who were impacted by Scranton’s severe flooding in September.

“We’re hoping that people are able to use these funds to help them defray the cost of the boilers they had to replace or the water heaters they had to replace,” said Scranton Mayor Paige Cognetti.

According to officials, Scranton residents can apply for up to $5,000 in flooding relief per household. The funding is from the city’s recently revised American Rescue Plan Act budget.

“We know that nothing is going to bring back the pets that were lost, the Christmas ornaments that were lost, the photographs, the wedding albums, the motorcycles, the Mustang. But we’re hoping that these funds are going to be helpful as people go into this next phase of the recovery process,” Mayor Cognetti explained.

Residents living in the impacted homes say that the $5,000 is a start, but they’re hoping that the city will be able to do more and even put preventative measures in place to make sure flooding like this doesn’t happen again.

“Right now, everything is bandaids. What they did was they put in some new high curbs but that’s not gonna cure the problem,” said resident Leonard Srebro.

Residents say the problem is with the pump station at the top of Merrifield Avenue. They say when it storms, the drains overflow and cause the streets to flood.

“We understand it’s not the current government that caused this problem, the current Scranton Administration. But there’s a problem here and it’s a city problem,” said resident Joe Mies.

The American Rescue Act funds also include a budget for future flood mitigation projects.

According to officials, a new pump station is on the list.

In the meantime, residents are still trying to recover from what was lost.

“People are upside-down here, so we appreciate the $5,000, but we’re still hoping for more, that FEMA comes in, or the city can do more with their ARP funds, and help us out a little more,” Mies said.

The funds are being administered through the Scranton Area Community Foundation. Officials say they are aiming for the funds to be distributed by Thanksgiving. Applications open on Monday, October 30.