SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — We first told you about a nuisance property in the city of Scranton being ordered to close last week. This comes as police have responded several times to the home. Officials say the property violates a city ordinance.

A legal notice hangs above a letter from the city of Scranton’s Department of Licensing, Inspections and Permits on the front porch of 510 and 512 Taylor Avenue.

Police have responded to the address nearly three dozen times in more than a year. The most recent for several shots fired on March 20, leaving dozens of people running and at least two vehicles struck by bullets.

“Our code enforcement officers went out and looked into the issue and the owner and was in violation of our rental registration and also in violation of our zoning ordinance in the city,” said Eileen Cipriani, Executive Director, Office of Community Development.

According to Lackawanna County’s Assessors Office, ‘Red House Realty Inc.’ is listed as the owner of the residential multi-dwelling property.

According to the city, it has never been registered as a rental property. However, college students have been living here.

“Individuals renting out individual rooms. So there were 12 rentals being had in the property and that was in violation of the rental registration ordinance,” Cipriani stated.

“Making them leave was a safety thing. Because I have a three-year-old and up this way is much more. There is much more houses with children,” said Kimber LeMaster, neighbor.

The city of Scranton is working to fight blighted properties and locate others, not in compliance with ordinances.

“Usually they would come out, calm the partiers down. But then it would happen the next day or the weekend after,” Kimber LeMaster stated.

“If you know a violation in your neighborhood you can call through the 311 system or you can email through the 311 system,” said Cipriani.

510/ 512 Taylor Avenue has been vacated and will remain closed for at least six months before the owner can start the process of a rental license.