SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)— Since 2020, the pandemic has closed the curtain on hundreds of businesses across NEPA, but one found its way in re-setting the stage.

Grab your popcorn it’s time to catch a movie.

All I have been around Friday night is popcorn, pretzels, and people who are excited to be back in the Scranton Art Haus Theater behind me. I wish I could take you inside but it’s not fully opened yet, however, Friday people had a chance to get a sneak peek at all the new renovations to take place here

Lights, cameras, and a whole lot more action to see from the Scranton Art Haus Theater as its re-opening is nearly ready.

The pandemic closed the theater in March of 2020 but didn’t knock it out. First Friday in Scranton gave people a chance to get a preview of what will be offered in a few weeks.

Visitors even got a chance to taste test cool flavor options of popcorn, new menu items and some tried face painting.

A lot went into the theater’s reno and workers say they can’t wait to show it off.

“We were brought to it by John who is the owner of the building and the owner of the company. he brought it to us and was like do you think you can do it and me and my mom love a good challenge and so we decided we would take it on. so the past 3 months we’ve been seeing this place and how amazing it is. It’s newely renovated very industrial look to it and these nice red leather seats and thought this can’t be closed,” says Ty Snyder, an employee at Scranton Art Haus Theater.

And the seats are just the beginning of the “at-home” theater experience.

There’s an open bar, new furniture, and even food delivery straight to your seats during the movie.

The exterior of the theater will also have its very own new touch-up that will make you feel like you are on the streets of Vegas.

“I want to make this place something children and families remember when they go see their favorite film where it was and there is nothing like sitting in the movies looking at the big screen and watching your favorite movie,” explained Noelle Snyder the general manager.

Snyder says you will be able to catch all the current movies across 8 different theaters inside.

But they’ll also feature entertainment from local artists, and local filmmakers, premier weekends for children, and even photos with your favorite movie characters who may just pop in to say hi

8 years-old Eddie Costello and his dad stopped in the theater all the way from Mount Olive, New Jersey and it sounds like it won’t be their last.

“The popcorn is the best. next month we are going to be back,” added Costello

The theater is looking to fill several staffing positions and complete a few extra renovations before its grand opening up in the middle of July.