SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY — Michael Curran, CEO of both the Moses Taylor Hospital and the Regional Hospital of Scranton, sent in a request to the Pennsylvania Department of Health for the two Scranton based hospitals to work under one license.

Under a joint license, Moses Taylor would focus in obstetrics and senior mental health services, while the Regional Hospital would specialize in medical and surgical care, intensive care and cardiovascular services. The two hospitals will be led by one medical executive committee and board of trustees.

“Our vision for the future builds from the established relationship between the two hospitals. Bringing the hospitals under one license is the right step to take at this time. Each hospital has a long and respected history of service with unique strengths,” said Curran.

“In the 100-plus years that Moses Taylor Hospital and Regional Hospital of Scranton have each served the community, one thing has remained constant – the devotion of their boards of trustees, doctors, employees and volunteers to a purpose of providing quality health care to residents, they have collaborated in service for many years and their proximity makes formal integration a logical step,” said Doug Allen, chair of the Moses Taylor Hospital board of trustees. “

Discussions with the state are ongoing, with the hope being a successful merge by the end of the year.