SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — A solemn moment of unity through music Wednesday in Lackawanna County. The goal? To show support for Israel in its time of war.

It was an emotional get-together for communities joining forces with a global influencer as the war between Hamas and Israel intensified.

With a hand on their heart and a flag in the air, hundreds of people across NEPA came together inside St. Mary’s Center in Scranton to send a heartfelt message as war between Israel and Hamas continues.

“It’s about loving your neighbor and it doesn’t matter where you are from what part of the earth you are on. people need to realize we have more in common than we do apart,” said Scranton resident Mark Dennebaum.

“It’s a historical moment. It’s a small amount of people, but everyone has the same end,” said Janet Thompson of Waynesboro.

Pastor Jack Mulney of Rescue and Restore Church in Olyphant, led the event in prayer. Many bowed their heads and closed their eyes for a moment in worship for all those caught in the battle.

“We want them to know that we love them, we are praying for them hopefully for an end to this very quickly,” Pastor Mulney explained.

Joshua Aaron, an American-Israeli singer and songwriter, who was born and raised in Carbondale and has now moved back to Israel, performed his Christian worship music alongside American musical artist Aaron Shust.

“I thought when all this chaos was happening in Israel that what we can do as Christians, especially in the community across the northeastern Pennsylvania we can come together and stand in solidarity,” Joshua Aaron explained.

Aaron’s daughter, Emma, is a sergeant in the Israeli Army Defense Forces and is currently on base helping defend her country.

“My daughter feels the reality right now. She’s over there feeling it and we are over here praying. We are able to talk to her and that helps my wife especially it helps the both of us to know that she is fine, then we are fine,” Joshua Aaron said.

The fundraiser attracted people from all over NEPA hoping to send a clear message of support.

“Praying, singing, worshiping the same message to god we are going to break down the barriers. An experience like this I feel so much closer to my Israeli brother and sisters,” said Marla Jack of Waynesboro.

An offering was held toward the end of the event for people to donate, with all proceeds going toward Israel.