SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Scranton City Council passed the more than 116 million 2023 budget Tuesday night after making some changes.

Scranton City Council Members amended the proposed budget to lower the 2023 property tax increase from 3% down to 2% for residents and property owners.

The two-hour meeting was held at City Hall in Downtown Scranton.

After much discussion, council members introduced the budget amendments that cut back on proposed salary increases and even raises for city employees.

Council has decided to remove roughly 10 new positions Mayor Paige Cognetti wanted to create, including a Confidential Assistant in the Fire Department.

City Council President Kyle Donahue discussed creating a committee to do those jobs.

“We’re just building towards understanding the need to modernize city government and the services we provide but also understanding that we don’t want to overburden our taxpayers,” said Donahue.

City Council passed the budget more than two weeks ahead of the deadline.

It was Donahue’s last meeting before resigning and stepping into his new role as State Representative for the 113th District.