SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE 28/WYOU 22 EYEWITNESS NEWS) — The Central Scranton Expressway and Spruce Street could soon be named after president Biden.

Thousands of vehicles travel the Central Scranton Expressway exiting and entering Interstate 81.
The poplar road once pictured in the hit tv show, “The Office”, will be renamed after President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

“I think it is an excellent idea. He’s probably the first and only president that is probably ever going to come from Scranton in our life time. He has history here,” said Scranton resident Robert Lettieri.

Lettieri lives in the Greenridge section of the city where Biden spent part of his childhood.

“I think they should call it the Biden Expressway, skip the Joe, we know his name. Just the Biden Expressway,” Lettieri said.

City council members agree with Lettieri. The expressway will be named “President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Expressway” or “Biden Expressway” for short. Spruce Street will also be changed to “Biden Street”.

“This had the most impact because when you’re coming down Interstate 81 you’re going to see that this is the home of our president, Joe Biden and then you are going to go right through the heart of our downtown on Biden Street,” said Scranton City Council President William Gaughan.

In February, a feasibility committee was formed to find the most effective roadways to rename.
Businesses on Spruce Street will be the most impacted.

“There’s a grace period, certain amount of time where they will be able to transition, letterhead and things like that,” Gaughan explained.

Nada Gilmartin will not be affected by the change. But as a business owner, she understands what will need to happen from vendor notification, to letterheads.

“Worried about changing all the printing that will occur, a little bit of expense. But you know, that won’t be a transition that will have to be done immediately and I think it will be a good thing,” Gilmartin said.

She is happy to see the president being honored.

“As a motorist I think it’s kind of exciting that you will be coming in and seeing that this is the hometown of our current president,” she added.

Once the rename is voted on Tuesday night, there will be two more votes by city council to finalize the ordinance before street signs can be replaced.