SCRANTON, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU)- Since the Eagles big win, a local business has been in overdrive.

They’re racing to get that championship apparel out to retailers. Employees with Kevins Worldwide in Lackawanna County have been making and boxing t-shirts since the big game wrapped up and continued Monday morning.

“It’s go go go, it’s all night, it’s over 13,000 shirts we have to produce,” said production manager Jim Pettry.

That was the energy inside of the store in Scranton Sunday night. As employees gathered in front of the TV screen for the Super Bowl, they were prepared for whatever was thrown their way.

“It’s not so hectic, we’ve done this before,” said Scott Tinkelman, vice president of their marketing and sales. “We have a set plan and it’ll be exciting obviously for a minute and then we’re at work.”

Although in-house screen printing is something they do everyday, employees say being their on Super Bowl night is somewhat of a thrill for them.

“It’s exciting, it’s kind of odd because I have a team that’s about 20 people and you would expect it’d be, ‘oh crud, I have to work all night,’ but it’s a very positive vibe from all of my crew,” said Pettry.

Win or lose, they knew preparation was key, which means getting ready for a possible 12-hour shift overnight.

“It depends on how the operators do, assuming there’s no equipment malfunction, etc.,” said Tinkelman.

“We had to mix ink colors because they’re specific Pantone colors we had to make,” said Pettry. “It’s a busy time to do that but that’s how you get it done.”

Through the mix of getting three pressers set up in order to create 700 shifts an hour, employees say there’s no place they’d rather be on game night.

“That just adds to the excitement,” said Tinkelman. “While we do a lot of different jobs this is honestly one of the cool ones.”

“To me it’s all about the people and the fact that they’re willing to be here for us, it’s important, it’s a big deal,” said Pettry.

The shipping trucks started pulling in around midnight and employees say the printing didn’t stop until around 10:00 Monday morning.