HARRISBURG, DAUPHIN COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — As the deadline for a new fiscal budget fast approaches, house Democrats in Harrisburg have passed their spending plan and sent it onto the Senate for consideration.

Pennsylvania schools would be big winners under the proposed house budget.

While Governor Josh Shapiro wants a billion more for schools than last year, the Democrat-led plan would double that.

They insist the state has the money for that big budget bump, and deserve it, pointing to a court ruling that PA schools are unfairly funded.

However, House Republicans like Rep. Russ Diamond argue the math for such an increase does not add up.

“This budget is a 14% increase. 14%. That’s even higher than President Biden’s inflation rate. It’s ridiculous.”

“It is time for the republican party house and Senate alike to show their hand to come forward with what their plan is because rhetoric with no plan is just that, rhetoric,” said Democratic Majority Leader Matt Bradford.

Pennsylvania House Bill 611, which is the proposed budget, narrowly passed this week on a 102 to 101 vote.

Lawmakers have 22 more days to hash out a new budget before the current fiscal year expires.